Complex problems require solutions capable of integrating diverse expertise.
Cubit adds value to the scientific research and integrates its own experiences with those of its partners to make ideas become innovative products. The best experts in IoT and Digital Twin technologies design strategies, products, and services alongside companies, seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation and bringing highly innovative solutions to the market, also through the creation of startups.

Cubit was founded in 2007 by the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, Polo Navacchio, together with some highly innovative Italian companies with aim of creating a unique range of technological services in a constantly evolving market.

We work to transfer methodologies, skills, and technologies to our clients, designing and developing innovative products. We collaborate with universities, public and private research centers and companies in order to offer creative and tailored solutions in different sectors. Cubit is member of networks and associations: AIOTI, All Digital, Eclipse Foundation.

Our Mission

Cubit adopts an operational model which integrates technological research and industrial experience with a continuous process of innovation and technology transfer, capable of increasing the competitiveness of companies. We aim to be a qualified partner capable of guiding companies through the process of digital transformation, helping them to build new and innovative products, solutions, and business models.

What We Do

Together with the client, we create strategies, products, and services, developing innovative solutions by seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation and Digital Twin technologies.
Innovating the product and service brings a profound transformation of the business, resulting not only in qualitative improvements in user experience and brand value but also in quantitative gains, enabling the measurement of actual performance

How We Work


We evaluate the innovative potential of the idea and the feasibility of the project.


We develop a first version of the prototype or the Digital Twin to quickly validate its functionality, performance, and market potential.


We integrate the product into the company’s strategy, providing the necessary consulting, expertise, and training.


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Thanks to strong and decades-long experience in the field of Internet of Things across different application areas, Cubit develops customized IoT solutions for its clients. We connect advanced devices through various technologies for the collection and transfer data, for the monitor, and for the execution of remote commands. We ensure rapid delivery and we support the client from the begging to the end of the final engineering phase.

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Fluid Dynamics Division

Cubit engages in fluid dynamics design, numerical simulations, optimization, and experimental campaigns, employing state-of-the-art procedures with a cluster of 9216 cores. The Division collaborates closely with a group of Aerospace Engineering professors and researchers from the University of Pisa, leveraging their expertise for various application fields.

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The Healthcare Division is a multidisciplinary research group dedicated to the exploration, validation, and study of digital, pharmaceutical, and instrumental innovations in Life Science. The Division’s mission is to promote a virtuous environment and interaction between clinicians, researchers, and the industry, offering the best care opportunities for patients, greater sustainability of technological innovations, and improved training opportunities for healthcare professionals.

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Start up Acceleration

We accelerate innovation in specific domains of expertise.
Cubit offers its experience, tools, and resources to support young innovative companies in defining their operational strategy and navigating the critical transition from idea to product, thereby realizing the entrepreneurial project in a short time.

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Our Team

Our team consists of 36 people based in Navacchio (Pisa) and Maranello (Modena). Part of our team handles customer relations and administration, while two groups of engineers are dedicated to the IoT Division and the Fluid Dynamics Division, collaborating with the doctors who founded the Healthcare Division.

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Our Partners

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