The Healthcare Division of Cubit (Cubit Healthcare Group – CHG) is a multidisciplinary research group established for the research, validation, and study of innovative digital, pharmaceutical, and instrumental solutions in Life Science.

The mission of CHG is to promote an environment and a new virtuous mode of interaction among clinicians, researchers, and the industry to provide better care services for patients, greater sustainability of technological innovations, and improved training opportunities for healthcare professionals.

CHG offers a lean and innovative model in the relationship between Companies and Researchers, providing an ecosystem and a complete supply chain capable of transforming ideas into scientifically validated solutions or products ready for the market. This is possible thanks to the unique opportunity to interact with high-level professionals and individuals with multidisciplinary expertise.

Technical-Scientific Committee

The Technical-Scientific Committee is composed of a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and experts in scientific, technological, mathematical, and engineering disciplines, to collaborate with Medtech and Pharma companies and implementing innovative initiatives in the field of digital healthcare. The Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and promoting research opportunities and project assignments.

Fondatori Digital Health Group


Analysis, evaluation, and clinical validation of products, solutions, and services.

Analysis of minimum requirements for medical devices and digital medicine solutions available.

Clinical studies on the safety, reliability, and utility of medical devices, drugs, and digital solutions.


CHG proposes research and technological innovation projects in the medical and healthcare fields, contributing to scientific output for the certification of new devices, models, or services. From project incubation to market-ready solutions

Patent production.

Evaluation and analysis of minimum requirements for medical devices and digital medicine solutions available.

Economic studies on cost-benefit relationships.

Role and compatibility of digital medicine with new healthcare policies.

Development of new fields of application for digital solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality in Medicine.


CHG Academy is a comprehensive setup of all intellectual, technical-scientific, instrumental, and structural tools for the development of technological innovations.


Theoretical-practical courses.

Training on new technologies and techniques.


Activities in vivarium.

Simulator activities.

VR simulation.


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