CUBIT joins the Oniro Working Group

CUBIT joins the Oniro Working Group

Cubit has joined the Oniro Working Group within the Eclipse Foundation.

Oniro is a new, distributed, and independent open-source operating system for consumer and IoT devices, ranging from small embedded sensors and actuators to multifunctional smart appliances and mobile devices. Designed in a modular fashion, Oniro provides high levels of flexibility and application portability across a wide range of devices while maintaining compatibility with other open-source technologies and ecosystems. Its ecosystem adheres to the fundamental principles of the Eclipse Foundation, including neutrality, transparency, and openness.

Oniro Working Group members

The Oniro Working Group supports the developer community in evolving Oniro technologies and promotes its commercial success in various sectors. On the one hand, Cubit will collaborate on the open-source software front, contributing to the technical development and market growth of the Oniro operating system, particularly in the IoT and microcontroller sectors. On the other hand, Cubit will leverage Oniro for the development and operation of its customized devices.

You can find the announcement on the Eclipse Foundation website: Oniro is gaining momentum.