Publications in Cubit

Low-Cost Portable Reader for Frequency Domain Chipless Tags: Architecture and Experimental Results on Depolarizing Tags

Filippo Costa, Giuliano Manara, Lorenzo Monti, Luca Boggioni, Sergio Terranova, Simone Genovesi


Cubit, Università di Pisa


An Innovative Optimization Procedure for Supercavitating Foils

Catherine Ramirez, Giovanni Lombardi, Michele Farnesi, Romain Lanos


Cubit, Syroco, Università di Pisa

International CAE Conference, Vicenza (IT)

Active Aerodynamics to Increase the Features of a Motorcycle

Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi, Pasqualetto Elena


Cubit, Università di Pisa

Springer Verlag ISBN 978-3-658-29942-2

Aerodynamic design and preliminary optimization of a commercial PrandtlPlane aircraft

Karim Abu Salem, Marco Carini, Marco Maganzi, Michael Méheut, Stylianos Kanellopulos, Vincenzo Binante, Vittorio Cipolla


Cubit, Università di Pisa

8th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS), Madrid (ES)

The pre processing priority in fluid dynamics design

Antonio Ercoli, Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, Università di Pisa

8th Before Reality Conference, Münich (DE)

Comparison of two Multiphase Procedures on a Commercial Vehicle in Rain Conditions

Antonio Ercoli, Giacomo De Angeli, Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, Maserati, Università di Pisa

International Journal of Automotive Technology, vol. 20, pp. 1123 – 1129

PARSIFAL Project: a brakethrough innovation in air transport

Karim Abu Salem, Marco Maganzi, Vincenzo Binante, Vittorio Cipolla


Cubit, Università di Pisa

Aerotecnica Missili&Spazio, vol.97, No. 1

Centrifugal Compressor Diffuser Rotating Stall: Vaneless vs Vaned

Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Giachi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, GE - Nuovo Pignone, Università di Pisa

Proc. of 12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics & Thermodynamics ETC12, Stockholm (SE)

Flow Around a Wing: improvement of physical comprehension by using a DES model

Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, Università di Pisa

Star Global Conference, Prague(CZ)