CFD Consulting

CFD Consulting

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) evaluations represent the state-of-art in both industrial and research fields today, thanks to the significant accuracy achieved by software in the last decade and the increase in computational resources. These are aspects in which we have heavily invested, enabling the realization of the Digital Twin concept in this sector.

Through the use of CFD, the fluid dynamics design process become more agile and modern, reducing prototyping and performance evaluation times. This leads to cost optimization and faster time to market, which are increasingly crucial for product success.

We provide CFD consulting services through appropriate numerical campaigns, as well as the development of new innovative methodologies that advance the state-of-the-art. These methodologies are tailored to the specific needs of each client, pushing the technological boundaries further for innovation.

Cubit stands out for its strong academic background and solid operational knowledge, gained from various application fields and reflected in numerous scientific publications in collaboration with major industrial groups.

Our proprietary 9216 cores cluster enables high operational flexibility, autonomous workflow management, and a strong competitive edge in the market.

Main Activities

RANS and DES AnalysesRotating Elements AnalysisWind Engineering

Aerodynamic Stability

Subsonic, Transonic and Supersonic Flow Regimes


Multiphase flux

Hydrodynamics with and without Free Surface

Vessel Dynamics


Numerical – Experimental Correlation


Main Software Used

Siemens Star CCM+CATIA v5
ANSAAnsys Fluent

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Karim Abu Salem, Marco Carini, Marco Maganzi, Michael Méheut, Stylianos Kanellopulos, Vincenzo Binante, Vittorio Cipolla


Cubit, Università di Pisa

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