Numerical Optimization

Numerical Optimization

The Numerical Optimization procedure consists on integrating design and analysis activities through a single tool that guides the evolution of the design towards one or more objectives, taking into account various constraints, all within the scope of CAE design.

The strength of this activity lies in its strong multidisciplinarity, encompassing fluid dynamics as well as structural and technological aspects, along with process considerations, thus defining the characteristics that the produced configurations must meet.

Numerical Optimization is therefore a fundamental tool for rapidly achieving high-performing designs, starting from level zero configurations, without the need for extensive analysis campaigns to design products from scratch, directing the design process towards the most promising configurations.

Furthermore, it proves to be a powerful method for improving the performance of an existing product, enhancing its characteristics without having to undergo the design and engineering process again. In a world where technological and performance levels are already quite high, refining the characteristics of one’s products can provide a significant advantage over competitors.

Our procedures adapt to any type of application field and have been applied over the years in the automotive, naval, and sports sectors.

Our computational resources allow us to implement automated procedures managed by optimization algorithms for multi-objective and multidisciplinary projects, evaluating a large number of designs quickly and significantly reducing the time to market for a product.

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