Electronic Design

Electronic Design

Cubit designs and creates modular solutions, from PCB development to firmware implementation.

The preliminary study phase follows specific design rules aimed at avoiding emission and electromagnetic compatibility issues. The electronic schematics and PCB layout include feasibility checks and component research suitable for the project, considering their impact on production costs. Finally, the prototyping phase involves testing and validation of the board, electromagnetic emissions checks, and, if required, CE and FCC certifications.

Cubit is experienced in integrating and developing various microcontrollers (8051, 8/16/32-bit, ARM Cortex M, ESP32) from major manufacturers (Texas Instruments, Renesas, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Freescale/NXP, Cypress, Silicon Labs, Espressif, Raspberry Pi).

Cubit handles the integration of different types of sensors, such as gas (metal oxide, electrochemical), dust, radon (including construction and piloting), geiger (including construction and piloting), HF and LF (Hall-effect magnetic sensors), current (measurement), flow sensors (air, water, gas), proximity sensors (ultrasound), along with the development of related calibration, compensation, conditioning, and signal processing software.

Moreover, Cubit can develop the entire MCU device software, from the lowest level (BIOS and drivers) to the application level, including defining and implementing complex algorithms on devices with limited resources, such as in smart automation solutions.

Cubit is a PoC Center for STMicroelectronics, a place to accelerate the transition from the idea to the product, guiding entrepreneurs through all stages of IoT projects’ development.

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