Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Cubit is involved in the definition and integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be applied in peripheral devices with limited resources, typically based on microcontrollers, with a primary focus on preventive (condition-based) and predictive maintenance, sound and keyword recognition, and vibration analysis.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Pisa, Cubit can design highly specialized Artificial Intelligence solutions for specific application contexts, scaling their performance based on available resources and objectives to achieve.

Furthermore, to enhance the efficiency of executing Artificial Intelligence algorithms on embedded devices, Cubit offers the possibility of creating hybrid systems based on FPGA, microcontrollers, and/or microprocessors.

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Low-Cost Portable Reader for Frequency Domain Chipless Tags: Architecture and Experimental Results on Depolarizing Tags

Filippo Costa, Giuliano Manara, Lorenzo Monti, Luca Boggioni, Sergio Terranova, Simone Genovesi


Cubit, Università di Pisa

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