Intelligent Technologies for LIFE Environments (TIAMBIENTA)

Progetti Regionali

Intelligent Technologies for LIFE Environments (TIAMBIENTA)

An interconnected sensor network to enhance user comfort and safety in various living environments


POR FESR 2014-2020 – Bando 1. Progetti Strategici di Ricerca e Sviluppo. Bando RSI 2017




Intelligent Automation , IoT and Cloud Solutions , Electronic Design

The project aims to create a cloud-based ecosystem of home automation services through IoT devices for various living environments, including camper vans, boats, collective spaces for education, and relevant production sectors in the Tuscany region. The main goal is to enhance the well-being, comfort, and safety of users, along with monitoring environments and products for better management and maintenance. TIAMBIENTA has seen the development of a network of home automation sensors that can be installed in different environments. These sensors are interconnected through a central unit capable of collecting data and sending it to the central cloud platform, introducing direct implementation policies for controlling the house or living environments where they will be installed.

The ultimate objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the involved companies. They see IoT application as a key tool to create a differential advantage compared to competitors, enhancing the added value of their products and services for the end user, also by implementing methodologies such as Emotional Design, Narrative Design, and Communication Design.

Partnership: TRIGANO S.P.A. (lead partner), CUBIT S.c.a r.l., CO-ROBOTICS S.r.l., SPAZIO ARREDO S.r.l., University of Florence – Department of Architecture, OVERMARINE GROUP S.p.A., STUDIO SGRO S.r.l.

Cubit’s Role: Beneficiary. Total funding received by Cubit: €203,400.04, divided as follows: year 2019: €142,521.17; year 2020: €57,436.51; year 2021: €3,442.36.

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