‘Yachting Installation 4.0’ – YI 4.0

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‘Yachting Installation 4.0’ – YI 4.0

An integrated platform capable of managing all the onboard system components of a yacht, enabling parameter control, energy efficiency, and the life cycle of the vessel’s technologies


POR FESR 2014-2020 – Bando RS 2017_ Bando 2. Progetti Strategici di Ricerca e Sviluppo delle MPMI




Intelligent Automation , Electronic Design , IoT and Cloud Solutions

The project focused on the creation and implementation of an IoT architecture specifically designed for the nautical sector, with the development of an integrated platform capable of managing all the onboard system components of the vessel. The introduction of innovative technological systems allows for the provision of new services and production, performance, and maintenance management standards with advanced predictive techniques, optimizing costs and consumption. The platform is accompanied by a set of procedures for product certification and installation process qualification, certifying a recognizable quality mark that can also be used in the market.

Virtualization of the systems onboard a boat

The project partners have specific expertise in both the IoT sector and process certification, as well as in the nautical industry, contributing their skills to achieving the project’s objectives:

  • Realization of an advanced IoT architecture applied to the nautical sector that allows for the most efficient management of radio communications and system resources.
  • Overall energy efficiency of the yacht’s technological system.
  • Control of new onboard parameters.
  • Streamlining the process of installing technologies and onboard systems, both in the production phase and during the boat’s maintenance phase.
  • Study and improvement of the life cycle of technologies and the vessel itself.
  • Development of a data management platform.
  • Normative and operational study of a certified quality procedure.

With the YI 4.0 project, the concept of Industry 4.0 has been applied to the yacht, demonstrating in terms of the life cycle that this type of system is easier to design, safer to install, and simpler to repair.

Partnership: Analytical s.r.l. (project leader), Cubit s.c.a r.l., Yachtica s.r.l., ICAD, 9dot s.r.l., Rete Penta.

Cubit’s role: Research Organization partner.

Total funding to Cubit: €137,292.72, distributed as follows: year 2018: €57,400.00; year 2019: €47,728.00; year 2020: €32,164.72.

Click here for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4F9U5rLmW4&feature=emb_title

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