INASSE project – “INdustry 4.0 AS a SErvice”

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INASSE project – “INdustry 4.0 AS a SErvice”

INASSE aims to bring a comprehensive IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) product to the industrial world, encompassing hardware, software, web, cloud, mobile, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), User Experience (UX), and connectivity – all delivered in an ‘as a service’ model


POR FESR 2014-2020 – Bando 1. Progetti Strategici di Ricerca e Sviluppo. Bando RSI 2017




Intelligent Automation , Connectivity and M2M Integration , Electronic Design , IoT and Cloud Solutions

The project aims to create, produce, and launch an Industry 4.0 as a service, including a set of embedded hardware tools and a software platform based on cloud services and Artificial Intelligence.

Project’s underlying idea:

The world of factories and industries is undergoing a profound transformation, not only technological but also socio-economic. The factory’s structure is becoming more flexible, ergonomic, open, and smart, and the role that humans play in this new scenario is becoming increasingly important. Globally, the industrial sector is experiencing a rapid transformation in production processes, organization, and decision-making, due to the progressive and widespread computerization of all areas of production.

This change is so momentous that it is called the “fourth industrial revolution,” following the previous revolutions marked by the invention of the steam engine (first industrial revolution), the exploitation of new forms of energy such as electricity and oil and the advent of mass production (second industrial revolution), and the invention of the computer and subsequently the Internet (third industrial revolution).

The “fourth industrial revolution“, or Industry 4.0, marks a significant step towards the Industrial Internet of Things, which we can define as a set of devices and machinery that communicate with each other intelligently and interact through the network with other objects, distributed analysis systems (Cloud Services), and people.

Test setup with reduced dimensions:

The digitalization of all activities and the development of new services, from production to the product itself, will be the guiding thread of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector.

Technological objectives of the project:

The INASSE project aims to create, produce, and market a set of sensors, modules, and hardware tools that can be integrated and embedded within any industrial electromechanical machinery, enabling the retrofitting of existing machinery already on the market. Indeed, the innovation implemented by the project is identified as “Virtual Manufacturing: Managerial Control in Manufacturing through the Cloud.” INASSE aims to bring UDOO’s vision into the industrial world in an as-a-service mode. A B2B service with an innovative concept, which we call Industry 4.0 as a service (INASSE), i.e., a service for the distribution of enabling technologies via subscription.

INASSE is characterized by simplicity and rapid installation on industrial products and machinery, enabling control innovation based on Web IoT technologies and high security.

Gateway Installation

Market Perspectives:

The monetization prospects for INASSE concern four macro-areas:

  • Embedded electronics,
  • Cloud services,
  • Big Data,
  • Professional services.

Embedded electronics are the first reference market for INASSE. The embedded electronics market is progressively embracing the potential of Industrial IoT and new technologies. The adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions, which today represents innovation, will become commonplace in the future, just as having a website is for a company.

Exploitation of results within the company:

The project allows strengthening expertise in next-generation LTE modems dedicated to IoT, industrial wireless sensors, industrial interfaces on Modbus, Canbus protocols, data management through gateways, and sending to Cloud Services.

Particularly for Cubit, as a Research Organization focused on wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, BT, Narrow Band IoT, Z-Wave, Zigbee, 4G, Low Range) and sensors applied to the Internet of Things for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0, the project represented an opportunity to strengthen its know-how on low-power wireless sensors, a competence increasingly demanded by the market in this phase. This know-how is also certainly applicable to many other markets.

Finally, it is important to note that Cubit stands out for the ability to issue FCC and CE certifications, having the necessary equipment and accreditations for such certifications. The INASSE sensors will not require any further certifications.

Partnership: SECO Srl, Cubit Scarl, Evidence Srl, Florence Techonologies Srl, La FDS Srl, University of Siena – Department of Social, Political, and Cognitive Sciences (DISPOC).

Total funding received by Cubit: €121,613.91, divided as follows: year 2018: €81,521.58; year 2019: €37,925.53; year 2020: €2,166.80.

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