Marine Applications

Marine Applications

The recent revival of the naval industry linked to yachting and luxury cruise ships opens up new development possibilities and allows major shipyards to approach the design of their products with new tools.

Whether they are motor or sail boats, oriented towards comfort or competitions, Cubit assists its clients in their digital transition during the design and development of products, implementing IoT technologies and making fluid dynamics development accessible and accurate.

Over the years, at Cubit, we have been involved in projects concerning both sailing and motorboats, participating in projects such as the America’s Cup, the World Sailing Speed Record, and innovative hybrid and electric propulsion vessels.

Transferring fluid dynamics expertise to the world of yachting is the key to sustainable boat design, minimizing fuel consumption and, consequently, environmental impact in both the commercial and recreational sectors, for small and large vessels. Marine applications have always been an interesting sector for us, leading to the establishment of the Second-Level Master’s degree in Yacht Design, directed by the Technical Director of Cubit’s Fluid Dynamics Division, in collaboration with the University of Pisa and prominent companies at both national and international levels.

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An Innovative Optimization Procedure for Supercavitating Foils

Catherine Ramirez, Giovanni Lombardi, Michele Farnesi, Romain Lanos


Cubit, Syroco, Università di Pisa

The pre processing priority in fluid dynamics design

Antonio Ercoli, Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, Università di Pisa

Impatto dello Sviluppo della Potenza di Calcolo sul progetto aerodinamico: prospettive e problematiche dell’uso dei processori GPU in ANSYS-FLUENT

Alberto Ciampa, Giovanni Lombardi, Marco Maganzi


Cubit, INFN, Università di Pisa

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CFD Consulting · Data Service

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CFD Consulting · Experimental Consulting · Data Service · Numerical Optimization

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