One of the crucial sectors in our country has always been represented by the Automotive industry, which is thriving more than ever, thanks to the consolidation of the Motor Valley. The Motor Valley seeks to achieve better productivity and innovation in products and services, as well as increased cost efficiency.

Cubit has developed solid expertise in this sector, which has enabled us to establish strong partnerships with globally renowned entities, both in the four-wheel and two-wheel segments.

As a prove of the company’s dedication to the Automotive sector, a branch office was inaugurated in Maranello (MO), at the heart of our major clients’ territory, with specialized technicians exclusively dedicated to this field.

Since the inception of the Fluid Dynamics Division, the automotive industry has been one of our core business areas, with numerous activities and projects conducted in collaboration with our clients.

External aerodynamics evaluations have been integrated into various contexts, such as optimizing vehicle design during the conceptual phase, developing specific devices to fulfill performance functions, and numerically correlating experimental tests conducted in wind tunnels.

In addition to external aerodynamics, experience in HVAC for the passenger compartment and the evaluation of engine cooling through radiators have been strong and developed fields over the years, applied both to validate specific elements and optimize their shapes.

Thanks to the remarkable computing power, innovative procedures have been carried out to create the Digital Twin of the vehicle under particularly complex conditions, such as assessing the effectiveness of windshield wipers in rainy conditions while the vehicle is in motion or conducting a complete aerodynamic characterization of the ADAMo Project.

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