FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction

FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction

Fluid dynamics analysis cannot disregard the structural characteristics of the bodies studied.

Thanks to the powerful computational resources, we propose the execution of multidisciplinary projects that involve coupling CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) evaluations with FEM (Finite Element Method) evaluations, conducted both internally and involving specialized partners, for a comprehensive engineering evaluation of a product.

This approach can be applied both in case of simple structural verification once the aerodynamic loads are known, and of cases that expressly require the definition of a methodology for evaluating fluid-structure interactions that can lead to unstable dynamic phenomena such as flutter, buffeting, and galloping.

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Fluid Structure Interaction Analyses of Wing with Curved Planform: Preliminary Aeroelastic Results

Giovanni Lombardi, Mario Rosario Chiarelli


Cubit, Università di Pisa

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