Nuvap: business project – Smart&Start Italy

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Nuvap: business project – Smart&Start Italy

Cubit has been alongside the startup since 2014, guiding all phases of development from the initial idea to the final product, with support from funding provided by MISE – Invitalia


MISE-Invitalia: Smart&Start Italia 2015




CFD Consulting , FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction , Electronic Design , IoT and Cloud Solutions

The NUVAP Smart&Start Italia Business Project, supported by subsidized funding from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) – Invitalia, amounting to €1,042,393.31, has led to the development of an innovative technological solution for indoor pollution monitoring. The system aims to provide reassurance about the healthiness of living spaces or offer precise indications about the source of pollution. This solution finds applications in both residential and workplace environments, contributing to the sustainability of effective corporate policies for worker safety.

Since 2014, Cubit has been a partner in the startup’s journey, supporting all phases of development from ideation to the final product. This involved the initial concept, creation of the first prototypes, development of specially designed sensors, such as the radon sensor, overcoming challenges in integrating numerous sensors into a compact device, and ultimately achieving certification and final engineering: []

Cubit’s Role: Partner.

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